FAQ on Divorce

Frequent Issues and Questions Regarding Dissolution/Divorce Children

The dissolution process is very difficult for children. The more positive you can be about your child’s/children’s relationship with their other parent, the easier it will be for your children to adjust. Do not use the children as bargaining tools, and do not let them become embroiled in the issues between you and your spouse. As soon as a time-sharing plan is in effect, please follow the plan, but be flexible when asked to make certain changes. If you are flexible, chances are good that your spouse will be too. Many families find that their children need professional help in dealing with the process of divorce. We would be happy to give you referrals if you find this necessary.

Illegal or Inappropriate Conduct

It is illegal to tape record conversations of any persons without that person’s express consent. Please do not put yourself in the position of doing so. Any information you obtain in this way will be inadmissible in court and therefore useless to your case.

The dissolution process is stressful for you and your family. There are times when people act in a manner which may not be appropriate. Should you have any questions about your actions, please contact us in advance. If you have done something you are afraid may not be in your best interest, please tell us so that we can deal with it in the best way possible. We are not here to judge you, we are here to help you.

Communication With Your Spouse

It is always helpful to you and your children, if any, to keep the lines of communication open with your spouse. However, this does not mean that you have to tolerate inappropriate conduct on the part of your spouse. The decision as to whether to engage in communication with your spouse is, therefore, a decision you must make. If you are unsure as to whether to engage in such conversations, please talk to us and together we will address the situation.

Dissolution of Marriage

Your marriage is dissolved when the judge signs the final judgment and it is docketed by the Clerk of Court. However, because there is always the possibility of appeal, we suggest that you not remarry until 30 days have passed after the final judgment is entered.


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