Child Custody Litigation

Are you involved in a child custody dispute? If so, you want a lawyer who will protect your parental rights and look out for the best interests of your children. At the Tampa law office of Donald L. Gilbert, P.A. we have the experience to get things done. Donald Gilbert’s extensive experience in handling complex custody matters will provide the confidence and assurance during a frightening time for a parent. Whether your case involves an initial dissolution of marriage or it is a post-divorce matter, we can protect your rights in court or negotiate a fair time-sharing and parenting plan.

Most child custody disputes arise due to the foundation of a marriage unravelling. No matter what circumstances led to your current situation, your children will begin to absorb the animosity present in your relationship.

We will do everything we can to help you reach a resolution that works for your entire family. Consulting with a parent coordinator, who is a high conflict resolution expert, we will work with both parents to restructure the lines of communication in your family. Working with psychologists, psychiatrists and counselors, we want to diminish the amount of high conflict for your children’s sake.

Child Custody Dispute During Divorce

From the moment you step into our Tampa office for your initial consultation, we are at your disposal. If you have already had arguments over support and custody, we will make sure a child psychologist is involved. For particularly contentious divorces, we can ask for an emergency hearing to deal with temporary issues, including custody, while the divorce is pending. In all cases, we stand ready to pursue litigation to protect the parental rights of our clients.

Post Judgment Action

If your child custody plan is not working for your family, we can help you file a post judgment action to modify your current custody plan and visitation rights. You can seek a modification for any number of reasons, including one parent trying to alienate a child’s affection for the other or a parent not following the current support plan. You should know that Florida law mandates that a substantial change in circumstances since the issuance of the final judgment must exist. If so, this then will be our legal basis for a modification action.

What to Expect From a Child Custody Evaluation

A child custody evaluation can come about by the request of the attorney or by court order, based on observations and testing of both the parents and the children. The custody evaluator, who is a psychologist or psychiatrist, will issue a recommendation that he or she feels appropriate for a modified custodial arrangement.


If you have any questions about your complex divorce or family law concern, we are ready to answer your questions and fight for your family.
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